Imagine being able to harness an Internet Based Business Blueprint and Business Community that will take you, your company, and profits on a global scale, provide you access to the top leaders in their respective fields, all via one channel, and eliminate once and for all, the trial and error, disconnected consulting advice, courses & programs that don’t have your business & best interest at heart.

Our Vision

Adele J. Mostert, CEO of Bloeme Inc., co-founded  The division elifestyledesigncompany, with its President Sylvain Brazeau, specifically for this exact vision & mission and created this website to personally drive it.

To provide a Proven Successful Internet Based Business Blueprint and Business Community for Entrepreneurs/Business Owners to leverage the internet, access ongoing trainings & tools, grow profits, transform your business, or launch your own new business, You Inc., step-by-step.

Our Mission and You can Be a Part

360 Degrees: A 12 month business plan creating change 360 Degrees…Success Stories in the Making…Are You Living Your Best Life…

10 Power 10: We have Joined Forces and are on Mission to Create 100 Online Success Stories by 2012.

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Whether you are a small business owner looking to grow profits, get back freedom & flexibility, or the next entrepreneur looking to launch your independence on a 12 month business plan,

Your Community of diverse successful entrepreneurs, business coaches, and executive mentors is waiting for You Inc.

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A Vision Accomplished.

Leadership brings integrity and experience so you can fast track through the learning curve.

Design allows you to match your goals to the blueprints, master a new skillset, and capitalize on automated systems that do all selling telling sales process, and takes out the guess work and move you through the success path.

Lifestyle is what you get back and the financial freedom that comes from loving what you do and providing service to others and get paid for it.


Adele J. Mostert holds two professional designations CMA and MBA and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree at the University of  Carleton,  Ottawa,  Canada.  Adele went from  climbing  the corporate ladder, to having the ladder moved across the country, laid off, to then starting multiple successful traditional franchises but still swimming with the 6-figure smaller fish business model, to  researching and studying numerous business models, in order to create a true authentic internet based business model  opportunity with integrity to position you years ahead of your competition…

For a detailed look inside Adele’s “Internationally recognized” breakthrough on-line model & marketing formula that removes all the guesswork, frustration, and wasted time, to create massive wealth in ANY economic climate, follow the link below:

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Adele is the author and editor of The Business & Lifestyle Insider.
Adele is the co-Founder of the Leadership Mastermind Group for this Mission.
Adele is the Founder of the <Extreme Leaders 3% Success Guide>, Inspiring Leaders of different backgrounds to share their success,   and knock down pathways for New Upcoming Leaders in the making.